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Your Credit Report and Revolving Debt?

Since there are no bank qualification steps to go through in a Rent-To-Own / Lease-Purchase contract there is very little in the form of verificaiton needed. However, homeowner and investors still need to make sure they can feel safe going into a contract with a buyer (that's you!). One of these steps is your credit report. This will give the home-owner/investor an idea of your past credit experiences and more importantly see that you are on the road to building your credit back up to good standards. You will be asked to have your credit report on your first meeting with the home-owner / investor. Do not send in your credit report to OwnerWiz.


We will, however, verify that you have received a copy of your credit report before connecting you with a home. This is done simply by entering in your total revolving debt. Your total revolving debt can be found on the website we give you to get your FREE Credit Report. You will enter in this amount on the revolving debt entry page found HERE. You will also be emailed this link along with proper instructions.

What is Revolving Debt?

Credit card debt is referred to as "revolving" credit because - unlike a mortgage, for example - it allows the borrower to carry a balance from month to month with no fixed number of payments set to pay off the balance. Additionally, a borrower can continuously add to the debt, up to a set credit limit. All the credit card company typically requires in return is a minimum monthly payment, most of which is just a payment on the interest owed, with as little as 5% or less going towards reducing the principle.


Revolving credit card debt is the source of many individuals' financial difficulties (and profits for credit card companies). Someone who routinely pays only the minimum monthly payment will be making little or no headway towards reducing the balance of their debt and can eventually find themselves with major financial problems.


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